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In 1990, Puckett's Alpine Goats started business with one crossbred grade doeling that Tara, my daughter, paid for by giving the farmer an almost full sack of chicken feed. In 1991, we joined the American Dairy Goat Association, ADGA, and embarked on a grading up program. Between 1990 and 1995, we purchased three does. No does have been purchased since that time. One of the purchased does has four offspring in our current herd. The remainder of our does have descended from that original doeling. We have purchased bucks over the years and leased them. Four of the purchased bucks were purebred French Alpines. We applaud those who are keeping the purebred French lines alive. Fate gave us Americans and we love our American Alpines!

We do believe that the buck is half the herd. Progress can be made rapidly using the right breeding program. Our first Permenant Grand Champion came in 1996 with a Recorded Grade Alpine named Bunny Q. Sweetheart, a first generation American Alpine, followed in 1997. Five more Puckett does have become Perminent Champions. In 2002, Tara showed the Reserve Champion Junior Alpine at the National show in Pueblo, Colorado.

In 1994, we started on DHIA. We have been on test continuously since that time. We have had two Recorded Grade Alpine breed leaders; Tanya Tucker in 1995 and Chocolate Cookie in 2000. In 2003 Veronica milked 4143 pounds in 305 days. This gave her all 3 Breed Leader certificates. In 2005 she was #7 in protein.

We have participated in linear appraisal almost yearly with good results.Several does have appraised Excellent 90. Two of those does are Chocolate Cookie and Veronica, both mentioned above for their outstanding milk records. We also have almost every milker in the herd appraise with either Very Good or Excellent mammary systems.

The herd has had 9 Superior Genetics designated does.

When Puckett's Alpine Goats was founded in 1990 the goal was to raise large, productive, structurally correct American Alpine Goats. That is still the goal today. Our herd size is limited by space and time. Sometimes this requires us to make hard decisions and places some very nice goats on the for sale list.

The our herd section of our website presents the history of our goats and the goats we currently own. Clicking on the names in the pedigree will obtain information about those animals.

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