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Puckett's PTJ Topaz Rose
BirthDate: 3/5/2020
Gender: Doe
S:  Puckett's Play That Jazz *B
     SS:  Puckett's J All That Jazz *B
     SD:  Puckett's VVG Jelly's Joy 4*M
D:  SG Puckett's PBF Topaz
     DS:  Puckett's Pretty Boy Floyd *B
     DD:  SG Puckett's RHJ Jewell 2*M
LA age 2-4 ++Y+ FS 84

age 1-01 253 days 0911# milk 3.3%fat 2.9% protein
age 2-00 199 days 1684# milk 3.1% fat 2.7% protein

2021 Sunflower Doe-Down 2nd place yearling milker

Milking very nicely as a 2 year old. Best milk test day 10.6#

U:  Topaz Rose / Abe
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