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Puckett's SS Amethyst
BirthDate: 3/4/2021
Gender: Doe
S:  Puckett's PP Star Streak *B
     SS:  Puckett's VP Port Prince *B
     SD:  Puckett's PBF Twlight Star
D:  SG Puckett's PBF Topaz
     DS:  Puckett's Pretty Boy Floyd *B
     DD:  SG Puckett's RHJ Jewell 2*M

LA age 1-4 ++V+ FS 82

age 1-02 73 days 376# milk 3.3% fat 3.2% protein

Long level doe .Scored very good in rear leg set and good plus in back and rump. Scored 33 in rump angle.Family history of much improved milk production on second freshening.
Due Date:5/12/2022
Bred With:Open - Not currently bred
Kids available: $0.00.

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